Autumn in Montecatini Terme: it tastes good!

The end of summer in Montecatini Terme and the whole valley brings some traditional tastes on everybody’s tables down here: the worldwide famous white little Sorana Bean, the typical docg wine of Valdinievole, the last checks of the olive groves, before October arrives, the curious chestnuts with all the products their floor can compose, as well as mushrooms and juicy wooden fruits. It’s the annual change of the culinary panorama, that adeguates to the brownish colors of the season, assuming savors that combine perfectly between each other, “landing” on regular kitchen tables as naturally as can be: it is more than regular to eat castagnaccio cake at this time of the year both in your Granda house and in the finest restaurant, as well as a dish of fried mushrooms is the least esotic thing possible, this time of the year, or a T-bone Fiorentina steak with Sorana beans.

It’s just normal, incredibly tasty but normal. Montecatini Terme celebrates these culinary experiences with a particular attention given to taste and culture: from 13th to 16th of October the national kermesse titled “Montecatini Terme: food & culture” takes place in the area, including a variety of food-related events, in collaboration with Slow Food  and Agra Editore. Starting from 13th October with the “Food & Book festival”, when a number of food-inspired books are being presented or read in public, and many important Italian writers are invited to take public talks. More exciting activities on Saturday 14th October, when the most wanted 2018 guide for Slow Wines is presented at the Teatro Verdi, followed by one of the biggest Wine Tasting in Italy, taking place in the incredible Tettuccio Spa Building.

For the first time this year the program goes on including Sunday night, when many important chefs will present their culinary inventions tied with regional Slow wines, recreating a sort of food and wine lovers paradise. All these things happening while  the Natural Springs of Montecatini Terme blossom like flowers: it’s the best moment to take advantage of the healing principles of these waters, combining a mild climate with the seasonal disposition.

October in Montecatini Terme  is a perfect time to live with your friends and family: spa, Pinocchio Park, the magic of Leonardo’s science, thousands of migrating birds in the Padule marshlands, and the lazy old village up the hills, taking advantage of the last warm sun rays of the year, like old cats during summer afternoons.

Come and see the Magic of Montecatini Terme in October: it tastes good!
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