Leonardo da Vinci and Pinocchio are two of the most known “Italians” in the world, and Leonardo will also be celebrated throughout the world during 2019 for the 500th anniversary of his death.
Montecatini Terme and its Valdinievole are simply tied in between their two homelands: VINCI, the homeland of LEONARDO, whose hills and panoramas will be included in all his paintings, and COLLODI, home of CARLO LORENZINI, the father of Pinocchio

The third edition of OPEN WEEK is a unique chance to get into this intellectual itinerary and to find out more about our magical tuscany



During some important wedding in Milan, on 1490, Leonardo da Vinci litterally invented the art of scenery as the following century will try to follow, which is a complete blast of lights, perspective, surprise and dramatic scenes. One of the biggest estimators of Leonardo as a scenographer was Bernardo Buontalenti, who lived more or less 50 years later, and who built an incredible summer villa for COSIMO I° De Medici in CERRETO GUIDI, Overlooking the hills of VINCI, just steps away from it: 

VINCI, what to see during the OPEN WEEK 2018?

31st March / 1st April / 2nd April
GUIDED BIKE TOURS on DA VINCI’S Birthplace area and MONTALBANO hills area, with certified bike guide. Itinerary will include the GREEN Road, Vallebuia, Faltognano and Vinci.
DIFFICULTY LEVEL Simple / Average – DISTANCE 15km – DURATION 2hrs30min
EQUIPMENT minimum physical training, Mountain bike riding on white road
RENTAL available basic and advanced equipment rental, E-Bike available as well
SCHEDULE departure at 10.00am and at 3.00pm – MANDATORY Reservation
COST per person € 10,00 for joining with own equipment / € 40,00 with rentals
INFO ph +39 0571 568012 email ufficioturistico@comune.vinci.fi.it           

ADDRESS Please contact ph +39 0571 568012 email ufficioturistico@comune.vinci.fi.it  for Meeting point of the guided tours c/o Ufficio Turismo, Via della Torre, 11 – VINCI (FI)
WEB ADDRESS for more info www.museoleonardiano.it/eng 

31st March / 1st April / 2nd April
GUIDED VISIT to the original home where Leonardo da Vinci was born, in Anchiano fraction, where generations of Da Vinci lovers and fans came to walk on the genius’ footprints.
SCHEDULE departure at 11.00am in Anchiano – DURATION 1h
TICKET please check  www.museoleonardiano.it/eng, guided tour is free, ticket for a fee
INFO ph +39 0571 568012 email ufficioturistico@comune.vinci.fi.it           

ADDRESS Please contact ph +39 0571 568012 email ufficioturistico@comune.vinci.fi.it 
WEB ADDRESS for more info www.museoleonardiano.it/eng 

MONDAY 2nd April
GUIDED TREKKING Tour up and down the GREEN Road, among olive groves, mills and enchanting views, linking the birth house of LEONARDO DA VINCI and the centre of VINCI village main square.
SCHEDULE Departure at 3.00pm , please show up at 2.45pm
COST per adult € 3,00 FREE for kids under 14y
ADDRESS Meeting point at Piazza della Libertà, Vinci
INFO ph +39 0571 568012 email ufficioturistico@comune.vinci.fi.it           

WEB ADDRESS for more info www.museoleonardiano.it/eng



In order to reach VINCI from MONTECATINI TERME there is also a shuttle service for a forfeited fee – Please call Mr Franco Leporatti ph+39 0571 56565 or mbi +39 348 9141064 

What to visit in Cerreto Guidi?

NEW! CERRETO GUIDI (FI) Saturday 31ST March and Sunday 8th April

For the first time in Open Weeks CERRETO GUIDI incredible Renaissance MEDICI VILLA, UNESCO world Heritage from 2013, will be available for FREE GUIDED VISITS!
With its predominant position overlooking the Marsh inland area of Fucecchio and the sweet hills around, this Villa was the favorite one of COSIMO DE’ MEDICI: the visits include an incredible tour in the internal hidden rooms of the villa and of the monumental staircases and garden outside the Villa.
SCHEDULE guided visit is FREE and starts at 4.00pm – please find yourself ready by 3.45pm
ADDRESS Via Ponti Medicei, 12 – Cerreto Guidi (FI) zip 50050
INFO Reservation is MANDATORY within 30th March at ph +39 0571 906225 or email v.bonfanti@comune.cerreto-guidi.fi.it
WEB ADDRESS for more info http://www.prolococerretoguidi.it/en/the-villa-medicea-and-the-city-center 



One of the most loved artworks of Leonardo da Vinci – kids love them! – are his “MACHINES”: wooden prototypes he’s been drawing all life and that still keep enchanting anyone looking at them. They are machines to allow a man to fly, to play an instrument without hands, to bike, to move as in witin a car… Incredible drawings. During the Open Week it is possible to visit an incredible exhibition of 60 machines of Leonardo, wooden models just back from an important exhibition in France: here is  where and when 

LARCIANO – EVERY DAY Throughout OPEN WEEK (31st March, 1-2 April, 7-8 April)

LEONARDO DA VINCI’s Machines and Models – Exhibition
After a massive exhibition in France, Poussan, with more than 4000 visitors, more than 50 wooden scaled models from the Vinci’s genius will be exposed in the Castle of Larciano, a suggestive location overlooking the same valley Leonardo used to look at when he was a young boy.  The models have been realized by an architect (Dr. Andrea Neri ) after Leonardo’s drawings, and descriptions are available in English, French and Italian.
In the Exhibition time schedules it will be possible to visit the Archeological City Museum as well, in the same exhibition area.
SCHEDULE from 9.00 am to 12.00pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm FREE ENTRANCE
ADDRESS Piazza Castello, 78 Castello di Larciano (PT)
INFO  Ph +39 337 797850 or +39 3495889353 or email info@prolocolarciano.it
WEB ADDRESS to find out more https://www.tomontecatini.com/en/valdinievole/musei/museo-civico-e-castello-di-larciano/


Leonardo lived the last three years of his life in AMBOISE, France: this city is now one of the most important exhibitions centres for Leonardo daVinci, and one of the important paintings they have exposed in 2017 was the MONA SIMPSON from the worldwide famous artist Nick Walker. This opera is now exposed in the MOCA of Montecatini Terme, and it’s visible throughout the OPEN WEEK DATES 

MONTECATINI TERME - Saturday 7 April / Sunday 8 April

MO.C.A. – MOntecatini Contemporary Art  – 4.30pm – New Exhibition “GENIALE! GLI INVASORI DELL’ARTE” – 

The new Moca exhibition named “Geniale! Gli Invasori dell’arte” talks about the new Urban art, from New York streets to Banksy, whose opera is exposed in this exhibition as well.
It will be possible to see the famous Mona Simpson from Nick Walker, just back from a biggest exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci in Amboise. 

SCHEDULE from 10.30am to 12.30pm and  from 4.00pm to 7pm (www.mocamontecatini.it ) 

TOWN HALL BUILDING Special Opening & Guided Visit
An original Liberty massive incredible building, projected and built within 1918, still the actual Town Hall of Montecatini Terme, with frescoes, tiles and painted stain glass from Galileo Chini, the master of Liberty and Art Noveau style in Italy.
Within the visit the gallery MOCA will be available for visits as well, including one of the biggest paintings of Miro’ in Europe.
SCHEDULE from 10.00am to 12.45pm and from 2.30pm to 6.30pm
GUIDED VISITS at 10.45am and 3.00pm FREE ENTRANCE
INFO ph+39 393 4813231 email turismo@mct.it 

If you wish to do a great itinerary between Leonardo and Pinocchio BY BIKE here is an incredible itinerary: download the pdf and scan the qr code to get all the garmin and gps files for your MTB or BIKE.

This itinerary gets to the end in COLLODI, home of another genius of this area, father of the most incredible wooden puppet of all the literatures: PINOCCHIO. Tuscany is everywhere in his book, and you shouldn’t be missing visiting COLLODI and all the area that inspired the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio 


GUIDED VISIT of  the Castle of Collodi , Garzoni Historical garden and Pinocchio Park
With a limit of 35 participants per day: don’t miss the chance to visit the historical wooden puppet park and the medieval borgo of Collodi Castle, where everything seems to be living out of the famous novel. Villa Garzoni majestic garden will also be open for visits.
SCHEDULE as follows: 

  • 10,30 free shuttle in front of Garzoni Historical Garden up to Collodi Castle;
  • 11,30 free guided tour at the Historical Garzoni Garden and Collodi Butterfly House;
  • 15,30 guided tour of Monumental Pinocchio Park.

TICKET Guide service is free, ticket must be purchased: please check www.pinocchio.it for costs and purchasing;
ADDRESS Parco di Pinocchio, loc. Collodi – Pescia (PT)
INFO please check www.pinocchio.it/en for more info, including “how to get there” with a shuttle from Montecatini Terme, Viale Verdi BUS Stop
WEB ADDRESS for info www.pinocchio.it/en 

IT IS POSSIBLE to get to COLLODI with a shuttle “PINOCCHIO TOURIST BUS LINE” from MONTECATINI TERME (Viale Verdi) and from PESCIA (Train Station), leaving at 9.00 in the morning and coming back around 6pm

 (round ticket costs € 4,00 per person, and it will be discounted from the ticket for Park and villa in Collodi).  INFO PH+39 0572 453112 email touristatancc@virgilio.it