About us

“Montecatini Terme e la Valdinievole – Da Leonardo a Pinocchio” is an ambitious project started in 2015 by the 11 municipalities in the Valdinievole, along with local associations and companies with the goal of generating awareness and disseminating the area’s tourist and cultural heritage. Eleven municipalities define the land “From Leonardo to Pinocchio”, 11 stunning “treats” that will delight visitors and tourists with their beauty.We start in Collodi with Pinocchio and his villa, cross into Pescia and its 10 castles baptised by Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde de Sismondi with the words: “How wonderful! This is the Switzerland of Pesciatina” since it reminded him of the lush and varied Swiss landscape. We continue to Uzzano with its Castle and Buggiano, whose Villa Bellavista is second nationally only to the Royal Palace in Caserta. Massa also shines from above with its castle. Ponte Buggianese, on the other hand, holds an important artistic heritage: the Annigoni frescoes.Chiesina Uzzanese has also been monumental and was once a refuge for pilgrims, Montecatini Terme is characterised by the beautiful architecture of its baths. Pieve a Nievole is remembered for its Medici hunting lodge and Monsummano Terme for its castle in the upper part of the town, as well as the striking Larciano castle. Lamporecchio finally, extends across the western slopes of Montalbano and touches Padule, on the eastern limits of Valdinievole.The area has plenty to offer those wishing to discover it in its entirety… “in Valdinievole, we must go slowly: all that matters is the road”.