Grotta Giusti

“…..such baths are as perfect as man can come to perfection, but they are very far from being compared to the work of nature. These Russian or Roman baths, the Turkish hammams, the electric baths or any otherkind of bath intended to cause transpiration, resemble the Grotto of Monsummano just like a painting of Mont Blanc, even by a great master, can resemble the authentic Mont Blanc.”

Grotta Giusti benefits from its very own thermal Grotto, a fascinating natural cave with a hot water underground lake in which guests can enjoy a relaxing and detoxifying steam bath. In addition to the steam baths, the Spa offers mud therapy, ozonised baths in thermal water, massages, inhalation treatment, a new area for Oriental Disciplines, a gym center , an avant garde Aesthetic Medicine Centre and a spacious relaxation zone. The new open-air thermal swimming pool, a high-tech facility measuring 750 sq. m., with a large and spectacular waterfall and underwater hydromassage in spa water. Starting from the entrance through to the deepest part of the Grotta, three different zones are crossed, each one increasing in heat, which tradition has named Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. Limbo has a picturesque lake, the waters of which maintain a constant temperature, both in winter and summer, of 36°C. Even the temperature of the air undergoes very little change over the seasons, ranging from 31°C. in the first cavity to a maximum 34°C. in Hell, with an approximate 100% humidity. The atmospheric pressure is constant and the same as outside, in all parts of the Grotta. An unexplained, natural mechanism guarantees a constant and efficient change of air, making the stay in the Grotta a pleasant one, even with the profuse perspiration induced by the high level of humidity, rather than by the temperature.


The steam of the rich thermal waters generates a natural “bath of health” which detoxifies the organism for an overall sense of well-being. “The eighth wonder of the world”, as described by Giuseppe Verdi during his frequent visits, never ceases to amaze you. The story begins in May 1849 when miners working on the property of the Giusti family discovered, quite by chance, hot steam coming out of the earth. The small opening was made larger to allow them to enter the place which had remained a secret till then: the Grotta. The sweet temperature inside the Grotta gave the owner the happy idea of turning it into a beneficial cure.

Therapy Benefits

Indications – Degenerative arthritis, chronic rheumatism, gout, bronchitis and inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, even if caused by allergy, diseases of the skin (chronic eczema, sebaceous dermatitis, psoriasis). The perspiration provoked by the Grotta sets off an intense purifying, detoxifying process which, together with an immediate sense of wellbeing, makes this a unique treatment for the complete restoration of the body and mind.