Paper Museum of Pietrabona

The Pescia Paper Museum located in Pietrabuona, preserves and passes on a universe of knowledge, shared over time and space: making paper. The museum targets a wide audience of scholars and students, devotees and casual visitors that can come in, explore the world of paper and learn its secrets: from the priceless collection of watermarks (among which the 1812 portraits of Napoleon and Marie Luise of Austria) to period tools and machinery used tomake paper by hand. The Pescia Paper Museum originated from the inspiration and passion of Ferruccio Begliuomini and Giuliano Carrara. Their project brought together entrepreneurs of the paper industry, public institutions and a group of devotees in a private association whose mission is to promote the understanding of the tradition and technology of paper: the history, the people, the machinery, the work process, the recycling of raw materials. A truly engaging experience.

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