Farming Culture Museum, Marliana

The Ethnological Museum was set up in 1995, on the premises adjacent to the Church of St. Bartholomew, thanks to the efforts of Museum of Farming Culture. It is, therefore, in the heart of the village of Casore del Monte, which still retains the shape of ancient fortified center, documented since the thirteenth century. The church was born, probably, as a chapel inside the castle, which had a tower partially recognizable in the type of the bell tower. Church and bell tower are located in the highest part of town, where it was generally placed the fortress, or the safest place and the last refuge in case of capitulation of the city walls. The museum was born from the need to document a past that made it alive and the entire area, a past that marked the rhythms of everyday life of the people who lived in this picturesque landscape. And ‘possible to go through a significant example of the museum, the cross-section of an agricultural world, seemingly far away from us. The dominant activity was the one linked to the exploitation of the land. And ‘can thus see a chopper, a drill, a plow, partly still functioning, with charming simplicity of their structural elements, particularly when compared with today’s means entirely mechanized.

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