Collodi and the magical world of Pinocchio

Collodi may well be considered as a itinerary of its own within the itineraries of this land, the Valley of Nievole River. The old medieval village climbs up the panoramic hill, planted with olive groves, richly green and dramatically impressive, seemingly a cascade of old houses.  During the XIX century there used to be a rich family living in Collodi, the Garzoni family, and Carlo Lorenzini’s maternal grandfather used to work for them. Lorenzini would then become renown worldwide as the author of The Adventures of Pinocchio under the pen name of Carlo Collodi, which he chose to point out his connection to the village where he spent some childhood years.  In 1951 – on the anniversary of the first publication of the novel in 1881 – the idea locally arose to celebrate the beloved puppet with a monument. Two years after it was developed in the concept of a whole park.

The Park of Pinocchio

First opened to public in 1956, enlarged and enriched all along the years, this is a unique place in the world, where fantasy and art, imagination and architecture, culture and fun,  fairy tale and reality come together and mix, providing the visitors with many ways to enjoy it. This is not a mere amusement park: it is a creation by world-famous artists and architects, such as Emilio Greco, Venturino Venturi, Pietro Porcinai, Giovanni Michelucci, Marco Zanuso, who worked to highlight and celebrate the literary masterpiece by Carlo Collodi. The Pinocchio Park is dedicated, through its beloved main character, to any child in the world, to children’s culture, to kids’ fantasy. Along its trail characters and settings of the Adventures of Pinocchio are recalled by works of art set in the greenery. It is a place you can discover, observe, amaze at, also thanks to workshops for children, to the Pinocchio Museum and Pinocchio Virtual Library, to the period roundabouts, to the storytellers and their puppet shows, to the adventure trail. A fairy tale setting to share between children and grown-ups.

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Before being famous for being the fake name of the writer Carlo Lorenzini – the ‘father’ of Pinocchio – the village of Collodi was famous for the Villa Garzoni and its garden, whose fame spread beyond the borders of the Duchy of Lucca even in the 17th century. Read More

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