Town Hall Montecatini Terme

In the early years of 20th century Bagni di Montecatini was in true ferment. The spa establishments had become very fashionable and were attracting famous celebrities from all over the world. The town was growing and in 1911 the town council decided the time had come to build a new Town hall, designed by Raffaello Brizzi and Luigi Righetti, on the site of the old stables of the Grand Duchy. Work began in 1913 and was concluded in 1919, with a pause due to Warld War I. The imposing building, built in the new renaissance style, stands at a higher level than the road. A Triple arch leads into atrium, which resembles a loggia, and this leads into a hall. It has several artworks by contemporary artists, including a large painting by Pietro Annigoni (Life) dating from the ‘60s. The counters around the edge room have glass decorations from Galileo Chini. A monumental staircase with wrought iron banisters leads to the first floor. On the stairs is a bronze bust of Pietro Baragiola, who much contributed to the development of the town, also by Romanelli. In the splendid glass roof a cherub, framed by the words “L’ANTICO FU NUOVO E IL NUOVO FU ANTICO”) pours fruit out of a cornucopia. Around it, the painted scenes on the twelve lunettes and eight spandrels are supposed to be allegories of Working, Building, Knowing and prospering in Peace. The Council Chamber is the main room, with central balconies overlooking Viale Verdi: on the ceiling afresco from Arcangeli, describing the Apotheosis of Italy.

Town Hall of Montecatini Terme(Palazzo del Municipio di Montecatini Terme)Viale Verdi, 46 Montecatini TermeCONTACT: Phone +39 0572 9181TICKETS: Free EntranceOPENING HOURS: from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:30pm; Saturdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Closed on Sundays and Town or National Bank Holidays.Accessible for Non deambulatory

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