Villa Bellavista Borgo a Buggiano

The Villa di Bellavista is a typical example of the Baroque in Tuscany. One of a kind, it’s a perfect synthesis between landscape and architecture. The taste, tradition and rules of harmony, symmetry and perspective renewed by the moody Baroque style find balance and measurement in this environment.It’s no coincidence that the Feroni, to prove themselves worthy of their nobility, entrusted the construction of the villa to Antonio Maria Ferri, the most popular architect in Tuscany at the end of the 1600s. He reversed the proportions of the compact building of Florentine tradition, extending the architectural form in width with spectacular effect not only on the opposite side to the farm, but also to the east of the villa. Fabio Feroni, deciding not to mix sacred with the profane, built the elegant Antonio Ferri chapel in 1699.The architect designed this project by joining, to the proportion and extent, elements of the Renaissance, the taste for the typical Baroque style movement.In 1829 the villa was sold to Buonaguidi Borgo a Buggiano who made it his home. Finally, after many vicissitudes, in 1938, it became the property of the Ministry of Interior, who gave it to the Opera Nazionale Assistenza Vigili del Fuoco. It was first home to a heliotherapy colony, then a military hospital during World War II, then home for the fire brigade. In the ‘50s the old Medici Farm was radically transformed and enlarged to accommodate a National Institute College for the Orphaned Children of the Fire Department. In 1968, the Villa and Institute were abandoned. And since 1992, the Villa was reopened and is currently the seat of the Fire Brigade’s regional historical museum.

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Via Livornese – Borgo a BuggianoTelefono : 0572 32026Free admission during special openings


Definita “un salotto d’Italia” per la sua caratteristica intimità, Piazza Pretorio a Buggiano Castello è uno degli angoli più belli del territorio provinciale: distesa sull’angolo nord-occidentale del paese, ospita il Palazzo Comunale e la Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute e San Niccolao. Leggi tutto


Buggiano Castello

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