Red Heron

Red Heron statue, close-up

The heron is the symbolic animal of Montecatini Terme. It is noteworthy that every year, the winners of the famous “Montecatini International Short Film Festival”, the second oldest and longest-running film festival in Italy after the Venice Film Festival, receive the so-called “Golden Heron” as a prize.

The work entitled the Red Heron, created in 2003 by Fabio De Poli in collaboration with Mirabili, is located in Viale Verdi, near the Town Hall. A stylized heron in steel is depicted in the sculpture, perched on a rectangular platform that glows a vivid vermilion colour. The sculpture perfectly depicts Montecatini Terme, and not only because the heron is its symbol, but also because of its eclectic style, which marks both the sculpture and the city as a whole: a harmonious fusion of styles that makes Montecatini unique.

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