Villino Parenti

Villino ParentiGiulio Bernardini è stato l’architetto pesciatino che curò la progettazione urbanistica di Montecatini Terme, ispirandosi al modello delle Villes d’eaux europee, con viali alberati e raffinate residenze. Among the elegant buildings designed by Bernardini, the Kursaal would certainly be the first point of interest in an ideal itinerary. This is followed by Villino Parenti on Viale Amendola and Villino Fedeli on the corner of Viale Libertà. 

The Villino Parenti was built in 1911 for health inspector Giovanni Parenti. As with the doctor Scalabrino, private and professional lives were intertwined in the Parenti residence. In fact, the top floor of the villas was used for their professional practice. The “Villino” was built on the corner of Viale della Quieta, with the main front facing south and featuring a large corner balcony with a loggia.The designer’s intention was to create continuity between the garden and the loggia. The façade is enriched with polychrome frescoed decorations and sophisticated details, such as the painted pyramid relief studs in the eaves and balcony elements. 
The cottage is now privately owned and not open to the public.