The statues of Giuseppe Verdi

View of the façade of the Hotel Plaza - Locanda Maggiore

Hotel Plaza & Locanda Maggiore

In Piazza del Popolo, leaving the Guidotti Fountain behind, the eye is immediately caught by the Hotel Plaza & Locanda Maggiore, a symbol of Montecatini Terme’s gradual rise as a prestigious spa resort.

View of the Teatro Verdi interior

Teatro Verdi (Verdi Theatre)

In addition, Montecatini Terme shares an irrevocable bond with Giuseppe Verdi who loved to get away from the bustle of the city to enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters, which were an indispensable source of serenity and inspiration.

Viale Giuseppe Verdi

Historically, starting from the church, the avenue connected the Via Regia with the “Tettuccio” through the Leopoldine baths and the “Palazzina Regia”. The town evolved and grew around it, becoming the connecting axis and focal point for the hillside of Montecatini Alto, the medieval village.