Duetto d’acqua (Water Duet)

Duetto d'acqua, detail of the fountain with its water features

Designed by Susumu Shingu, the “Duetto d’Acqua” fountain was installed in 1998 in the centre of the large flowerbed in Piazza Domenico Giusti, in front of the Tettuccio spa.

Approximately three meters high, the sculpture is composed of steel and performs a dynamic water play accompanied by evocative musical compositions.
Water escapes from two long tubes at the apex of the sculpture and flows into the six cup-shaped gears below, causing them to move in a circular motion.

The roar of the water is harmonised by the melodious sounds reproduced by the work, thereby celebrating the prodigious element and its connection with the city.
An enchanting water play welcomes visitors to the most famous of Montecatini Terme’s thermal temples, the Tettuccio.

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