Fontana dei Coccodrilli (Crocodile Fountain)

Fontana dei coccodrilli in primo piano, con il porticato di terme Tettuccio sullo sfondo

The Crocodile Fountain, considered to be the symbol of the Tettuccio, was created by the Florentine Sirio Tofanari and installed on 17 October 1926 on the occasion of the spa’s inauguration. The fountain consists of two bronze crocodiles supporting a shell of dark Labrador granite; from this the Tettuccio’s spring flows into a large circular travertine basin, decorated with seahorses and green glass blocks.

Tofanari’s work was restored in March 2023, thanks to a major intervention promoted and financed by the Angeli del Bello association of Montecatini Terme. The restoration led to the rebuilding of the plinth, which had been damaged over time due to normal wear and tear. It is a splendid water play celebrating the magnificence of the most representative spa town.

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