Fontana Mazzoni (Mazzoni Fountain)

Fontana Mazzoni (Mazzoni Fountain)

Water is the element that has allowed Montecatini Terme to prosper throughout the centuries. Many fountains are installed along the city’s main squares to commemorate the benefits of its thermal springs.

As the railroad station serves as a gateway to the city, the first monument that greets tourists is a fountain, specifically the Mazzoni Fountain. The sculpture was designed by Angiolo Mazzoni, whose name the fountain bears, in the 1930s to complete the new railway station. he presence of this imposing monument in the square in front of the station emphasises the strong link between the city and water, further enhanced by the details of the fountain: a tall tower covered in blue mosaics surrounded by three sloping basins into which water flows, forming small waterfalls. 

The station was built between 1933 and 1937 to support the strong expansion that the city had at that time, so the station in Piazza Gramsci alone was no longer appropriate.  

A project was initiated in 2016 to restore the facility’s waiting rooms, which were opened to the public for the first time during the Fai Days of Spring in 2021. The work, supervised by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, followed the original materials and furnishings as closely as possible in order to be as faithful as possible to Mazzoni’s work. 

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