Villino Grocco (Grocco villa)

Black and white postcard with external view of Villino Grocco

There is no doubt that Pietro Grocco, the doctor from Albonese who was appointed Government Inspector and sanitary director of Montecatini Terme in 1892, was among the individuals who contributed to the Montecatini Terme spa on the international tourism scene. As a result of his efforts, the state was unable to disregard the baths as a public good: he reorganised the springs and spas, creating what is still the Terme complex today.

His villa located in Via Mura Pietro Grocco, in the southern part of Montecatini Alto, reflects the prestige he achieved as a promoter of thermalism. The villa is surrounded by a lush garden, resembling a small castle with its loggias, towers, and jutting roofs; its rooms were the residence of prominent figures, such as Giuseppe Verdi whose physician was Pietro Grocco. It was built by the Pistoiese engineer Vittorio Bardini and was inaugurated on 6 July 1902. It is now the site of an accommodation establishment that provides its guests with a privileged view of the entire Valdinievole area.