Villino Scalabrino

Vista esterna di Villino Scalabrino

The building bears the names of some of the most famous personalities of Montecatini Terme and of Tuscany as a whole. In fact, the construction of the villa was commissioned by doctor Alberto Scalabrino to Giulio Bernardini. The latter is the architect who oversaw the urban planning of Montecatini and to whom we owe the construction of important structures such as the Grand Hotel & La Pace, the Bristol, the Eden; or the Torretta, Fortuna and Tamerici spas.

In the 1950s, the villa, at the instigation of Dino Scalabrino, renowned health director of the spa and the Azienda Autonoma di Cura e Soggiorno, was enlarged by Pietro Porcinai. This was a Florentine architect considered the greatest Italian landscape architect of the 20th century. Even today, walking down Via Magenta, visitors can admire the elegant garden designed by Porcinai. The rich ornamental vegetation was in fact in line with the thermal bath gardens, while the gate echoed the curvilinear geometries of the Art Nouveau style. The Florentine architect and Dino Scalabrino formed an unbreakable partnership. In fact, in 1969, Scalabrino commissioned Pietro Porcinai to create an open-air museum at the Villa Ortensie hotel, the future home of the Dino Scalabrino Art Academy. 

The cottage is now privately owned and not open to the public.