Palazzina Regia - General Spa Management

Facciata della palazzina regia

One of the illustrious families that frequented Montecatini Terme was the Habsburg-Lorraine family, for whom a summer residence was constructed in 1782. The project was realised by architect Niccolò Gasparo Paoletti, who had already overseen the restoration of the Tettuccio and the construction of the Terme Leopoldine.

As far as its structure is concerned, the Palazzina has remained almost completely unchanged. Divided into two floors, each with five rooms, it has retained the elegance of the travertine façade, with friezes and Doric columns. In the back of the building were rooms that served as servants’ quarters and carriage sheds, which disappeared as a result of the many interventions that the building underwent during the 20th century. In particular, between 1919 and 1920, engineer Ugo Giovannozzi adapted the building that became the headquarters of the Spa Society.

As soon as entering the Palazzina, visitors are greeted by a refined hall decorated with motifs reminiscent of the theme of water, the element that identifies the city as a whole. The Palazzina is located in Viale Verdi, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall, under the dreamy eyes of Giacomo Puccini’s statue.

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