Statue of Giacomo Puccini

Monument to Giacomo Puccini, statue on a bench

Great people are in need of great inspiration – This monument of Giacomo Puccini is a giving from a sculptor to Italian culture”. As a result of this dedication, the Russian sculptor Aidyn Zeinalov donated to Montecatini his statue of Giacomo Puccini, the composer from Lucca who used to stay in the spa town to find harmony.

As the bronze statue depicts Puccini, shown in a completely relaxed pose. In fact, seated on a bench, the artist is enjoying his cigar while observing the Palazzina Regia from the shade of the trees. Montecatini Terme was in fact the place where musicians and composers left behind the hustle and bustle of the city to seek a moment of contemplation in which, above all, to find inspiration.

The sculpture is placed at a crucial junction of the city, in a small garden at the beginning of Viale Verdi, between the Imperial Cinema, the Municipal Palace, and the Palazzina Regia. The pose of the statue seems to prepare the visitor for what will be his or her experience of the city: a place to enjoy lush nature and the benefits of thermal springs.

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